The main goal of the company – a comprehensive solution for the technical equipment

Preliminary work

  • Complete survey (technical expertise) of the object
  • Preparation of the requirement specification
  • Recommendations for optimal solutions based on the specific requirements of the customer
  • Analysis of the market of equipment manufacturers and the selection of the most optimal solutions
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Optimization of logistics operations to deliver equipment to the site

Installation and commissioning

  • Installation of power, electric, light, meteorological and navigational equipment
  • Implementation of architectural solutions and support structures (concrete platforms; foundations, supports antennas, cable lines, drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, points of distribution, installation of emergency power supply)
  • Setting of ground equipment
  • Paper works


  • Guarantee maintenance
  • Support during the warranty period
  • Post-warranty maintenance
  • Performing routine maintenance

Staff and equipment

The company «SDL montage» owns its own technical park for construction and installation works for the installation of electric and light signal equipment, with appropriate licenses and permissions. Also, the staff of the enterprise has the appropriate category and permits to perform the above-mentioned works.

«SDL Montage Ltd.» provides delivery, mounting and commissioning following types of airport equipment for civil and military airport all categories

  • Systems of airfield lighting for airports of ICAO category l-lll, airfields, heliports, helipads
  • High intensity lights
  • Low intensity lights
  • Control and monitoring systems for AFL
  • Energy supply and electrical equipment
  • Diesel generators and low voltage distributors and various types of automation
  • Emergency equipment and uninterrupted power supply
  • High masts equipped with searchlight sets with advanced service technology
  • Facilities for startup and maintenance of aircrafts in  the parking areas
  • Equipment of security and fire alarm of various configurations and configurations
  • Installation of equipment — installation of meters for gas, heat and hot water consumption

Meteorological equipment

Navigation equipment

Our projects:

International Airport «Boryspil»

Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv

Heliport Kyiv-South

International Airport «Tallinn»

International Аirport "Tbilisi"

International Airport «Kutaisi»

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Licenses and awards


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